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[LOL] ArmA OFP Site FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

Server FAQ Questions

Server FAQ Answers

What is the IP address of the server?

We currently have three public servers running: 1 ArmA and 2 OFP

LOL Servers

We currently have four public game servers running: one ARMA 3, one Arma 2 OA, and two OFP:
Name Game Server DNS / IP Addons Required
[LOL] House of Clowns ARMA3 Our mod steam collection can be found here ! (press on link):

[LOL] New Majors Arma2OA 1.62 or Our Arma2 OA mods can be found here ! (press on link)

[LOL] Clowns of War OFP-R 1.96 or @[LOL]; @LOLExtras; @LOLIslands; @LOLExtras2; @ww4mod25

[LOL] Clowns of War 1.99 CWA/OFP-R 1.99 or @[LOL]; @LOLExtras; @LOLIslands; @LOLExtras2; @ww4mod25

We also run a Teamspeak server:

Name Server DNS / IP
[LOL] The Big Top (Main TS3) or

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Do you run a TeamSpeak server?

Yes. It's address is above in the server box

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Are there any limits on face.jpg files?

On our ArmA server the limit is 100KB.
For OFP servers it is 28KB.
This is the file size reported as "Size on Disk" under File Properties.

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Are there any limits on sound files?

Sound files are refused by the server, we run a modded server executable that allows us to set a limit on sound files. This means you are not booted off for having too many they just don't get uploaded to the server. This means that connection time and game play are not affected when busy and you can't spam the game with them. If you play a sound you will hear it, everyone else just hears a very short white noise

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Why am I banned?

People get banned for a couple of reasons
1) Fade - This happens if you try to connect with an illegal copy of ArmA/OFP. This ban is permanent. The only way round it is to buy a new copy. Your penance is payola to BI.
2) Abuse - This will happen if you exhibit abusive behaviour on the server, whether it be cheating, offensive/racist language or disrespect for the admin.
3) Team-Killing(TK) - This is for persistently killing your team mates.

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I have created a fantastic new mission, will you put it on the server?

Is it really fantastic? Are you sure? Anyway, back to the question...
1) OFP - We only allow missions in veteran mode i.e. all of our missions have a muppet.sqs script. This script ends the mission if you attempt to play it in cadet mode. ArmA missions do not require muppet.sqs; the server is configured to veteran mode.
2) Maps can not have respawning. That is for the devil or frogs.
3) Maps must be cooperative, since [LOL] is a CO-OP only server (just in case you couldn't work it out, muppet!)
If you have a map that meets these conditions then go here

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Where can I download TeamSpeak?

You can get TeamSpeak from here. Look for the latest version of TS3.

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How do I connect to your TeamSpeak server?

-Anonymous connection-
From TS:
Connection, Connect, Local Address Book, Add Server
Label: whatever u want
Server address:
Port: 9987
Nickname: whatever u want
Anonymous: selected

If you want to get auto voice next time, ask for it. Requesting voice is a good way to get attention.

-Register with TS server-
In TS click Self, Register With Server.
Once registered, from TS:
Connection, Connect
Select lol server and change details to
registered: selected
login name: whatever u registered
user password: whatever u put in

You will now get voice everytime you connect.

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When playing on the server, I got disconnected with the message "missing addon x" why is this?

We use a variety of addons. Get them from the downloads section (here). HINT - they are in the Addons section!

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Why wont my custom sound files play on the server?

See here

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I got kicked from the server, with a message saying my custom face is too big?

See here. Make that face smaller and come back, fathead!

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How do I log in as admin to change maps?

You need to be voted as an admin. Open the chat line (/ key) and type:
#vote admin name
#vote admin number

Where name is the player's name or number is the connection number, visible by typing:
Use PageUp and PageDown keys from within the chat line to scroll through the list.

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Someone is being an arse on the server, and there are no Clowns around to kick them. What do I do?

Go to the forum (here) and post a message in General Chat about the arse and what (s)he was doing. Important info is Name and ID. You can get the arse's ID by hitting the P key.

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The server is not showing up in Gamespy, or in the in-game browser - how else can I connect?

You can either type the server address in MP Missions, Remote Server or you can add the following to your shortcut e.g. -port=2302
When you run this shortcut you will go directly to the server. It is highly recommended you use Kegety's ArmA Launcher for ArmA. For OFP, try one of the launchers in our Miscellaneous Downloads section here.

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Why are my crosshairs not appearing when I play on your server?

[LOL] Servers are set up to play in Vet (veteran) mode. This means that cross hairs are disabled. The last time I held a rifle, there was no floating blob to show me where I was aiming; I had to raise the rifle and look down the sights!

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Why can't I get third person view on the server?

It is on random, it will be off more than it is ever on, this is beacuse OFP was designed as a FPS game. It can be used to cheat by looking over hills and such also it seperates the men from the boys when flying

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When I die in game why don't I respawn?

We dislike respawn because players tend run around carelessly like headless chickens with no regard for self preservation. You get one life per mission. Use it wisely.
I have heard that pressing alt + f4 on some maps will respawn you, but personally I have never tried it.

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Yay! We completed a mission on the server - do we get a prize?

Yes. You get the award for "most likely to hide at the back, letting my team members get killed clearing the map whilst I crawl about in another area". This is affectionately known as the bb award.

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I was voted in as admin, how do I log out?


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I have just died - why I have I been re-incarnated as a seagul?

All good souls in life come back as a seagull. Even better ones may come back as a ghost who can spy on players who still remain upright and breathing. You can always turn into a seagull (Esc key) if you want. If you don't get vertigo you may be able to become a ghost again i.e. fly up, up, up!

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Why do I have to keep downloading the mission files each time I play?

Two possible reasons
1) When the map is downloaded it is saved to mpmissionscache direcotory in ofp not mpmissions. Copy the missions from mpmissions cache to mpmissions
2) You are playing the same named map on another server (how dare you!). All our maps are altered to play only in Vet mode.

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Wow, there is a really cool addon called [Insert name here] can you put it on the server?

Go to here and post a message saying which addon you would like to see. If it is sensible and a good addon it may well go on

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I'm finding it really hard to tell friends from the enemy!

You can either:
1)Learn how to tell the difference between uniforms
2)Press escape and select another f###ing server

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I connected to the server and the game has just started. Why won't they reassign for me?

Sometimes the admin will reassign, but if there are 15 players and they have already reassigned twice and/or spent 5 minutes on the weapons loadout, don't expect them to jump at the chance. Go get a beer.

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How do I add my own custom death messages?

You edit the stringtable.csv - its located in \OFP-Directory\RES\BIN - make a back up before you start just incase.

Edit it with notepad and search for the STR_KILLED line - edit the text only and STR_KILLED_FRIENDLY for friendly fire kills
Or edit with a spreadsheet editor and change the text that is associated with the STR_KILLED column i.e B518 and STR_KILLED_FRIENDLY B2523

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How do I get the addons for your server?

You can get the addons in a couple of ways. You can download the full addon pack for [LOL] from here.
You can also download the addons individually from the download section (here). If you do this make sure the last addon you install is the roll-up (here).
The rollup will make sure you have the correct addon versions.

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Which is the best way to install the addons?

You can install the addons by using the full [LOL] addon download pack (here). If you don't want to download them all in one go or already have some of the addons then it is best to download the individual addons from here
Since some addons overwrite others we have created a rollup addon (here) As long as you install this one last it doesn't matter what order you have installed the previous addons

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Why do I get missing addon for BAS_Kiowapack when I have it?

This is due to a badly made pbo not referencing the OH58 addon. You get the error when the addon is in a seperate addon folder. Download the pbo here and replace the one you have in you addon folder.

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