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[LOL] ArmA OFP Site FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

Clan FAQ Questions

Clan FAQ Answers

Why the clownish faces?

Because we are not meant to be taken seriously!

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What does LOL stand for?

Well, there are many couple of possibilities. It may mean:
Laughs Out Loud
Love Our Lobby
Legion Of Lunatics
Liberators Of Loukov
Lick Our Lollies
or in fact it might be none of the above!!!

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How can I become a [LOL] Clown?

We only consider people who are known to the members, who are regulars on the server and have an [LOL] attitude. We are not looking for members who don't know how to enjoy the game or are overly serious, but are capable of acting like an adult. Go here if you feel inclined to apply.

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What is a [LOL] Junior member?

A junior member is a new member. They get the tag and the respect that the tag gives them (no guarantees!) They also get more rights in the forum and access to members-only areas. These areas are where the important decisions for the servers are discussed.
Only junior members are promoted to senior status; you must serve your time as junior before being considered for full promotion.

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