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[LOL] Downloads

OFP Server Addons for Clowns of War 1.96 Server

    These are the addons required for the [LOL] Clowns of War server. If you have already downloaded older versions of some of these or just need some extra islands, or you're looking for ZekMod or similar client-side addons then have a look in the additional OFP downloads section for more addons.

Important: as we have some addons on a mega site you need to have this addons if your a firefox user, MEGA extension
Install the MEGA Firefox extension for vastly improved download performance. It will allow you to batch-download an unlimited number of files without any size restrictions from MEGA.

Description: If you do not have it, install 7-Zip. Right click on @Modfolder.rar or .zip and from the menu select .Rar or 7-Zip > Extract Here. Copy the unzipped @Modfolder folder to your main Operation Flashpoint directory. Then right-click on your Operation Flashpoint shortcut on your desktop, go to properties and add @Modfolder to your addons. If you have not done so already, add the -nomap option. Example: -nomap -mod=@Mod1;@Mod2;@Mod3;@Mod4.

[LOL] Clown of War Addons Pack
Description: These packs are needed to join us, on our Clown or War server.

  • Full [LOL] addons package for COW (712.2 MB)
  • Description: This pack contains @[LOL] and @LOLExtras addons we brought out for Operation Flashpoint. The install is for old school install ( C:/Program File/Codemasters ). If you have the mainfolder installed on another drive redirect the lanch to that direcrory you using.

The mod folder contains the following mod folders:

  • Main addon pack (@lol)
  • Description: This is the main mod folder.

  • Extras 1 Addon Pack (@LOLextras)
  • Description: This is a second extra addon package.

  • Extra 2 Addon Pack (@LOLExtras2)
  • Description: This pacakge add more stuff to the normal folder and the first extra pack.

  • Islands Addon Pack (@LOLIslands)
  • Description: This pacakge add additional Islands.

  • WW4 Mod (@ww4mod25)
  • Description: "WW4mod is one of the best modifications ever in OFP history." by Sanctuary. This download includes the patch 1 fixes.