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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 6:48 pm    Post subject: LOL Servers Rules Reply with quote

No racist comments are ever acceptable, be respectful of each other or go somewhere else.

English is preferred language and expected to be used most of the time. Failure to do so will get you kicked and potentially banned.

Refusal to accept the rules set forth by LOL on LOL servers will get you banned.

If you are banned and try to get around it you will be permanently banned. We provide a place for people to play and owe absolutely nothing to anyone but our members. This is a service provided by us and run by us so we make the rules and expect our "GUESTS" to follow them. If you don't think they are fair or don't agree then you can go make your own server and your own rules.

Admins do not need to re-assign for anyone even members. Any re-assigns should be decided by a consensus of those THAT ARE ALIVE IN GAME, dead people get no vote. The easiest way to get consensus is to ask if anyone is opposed to a re-assign. If you are AFK or don't answer in a reasonable amount of time then thats your tough luck. If a person says no then respect it...but remember it if they show up late and ask for a re-assign. (Treat others as you would like to be treated).

If you are the last alive and are not going to be able to finish the missions and are going to be running around for a half an hour by yourself, don't be a dick, call for a re-assign. This is not required but should be remembered when you are waiting someone to finish (once again treat others as you would like to be treated).

Use of an ID changer is strictly forbidden. It's a -procreating- cheat and we don't allow cheaters.

Abuse as admin is never acceptable. Members will not log in and take admin with out good reason. If the current admin is doing a good job then let them do it, we are not bullies.

If a member tells you to stop doing something then do it or go somewhere else. We are the authority on our servers. If one of our members is being abusive then report in the forum or through PM to one of the Senior members.

"GUESTS" will behave in the same manner on our servers whether we are present or not. The rules always apply and we expect our "GUESTS" to make sure they are followed at all times.

As stated above this is a public service provided by us and we make the rules, if you don't like it...too bad. If it needs to happen we will shut the server down to the public and make it pass-worded and by invite only. Those that would give the password out with out permission would lose their ability to play with us and we would just change the password again.

Not too hard to follow just some simple rules that are just pretty much common respect.
Can't we just play.
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